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Play Up Program



Every month

GARRA/FCFA Athletes Only

The Play Up Program (PUP) allows athletes to compete with players outside their age group. PUP is a supplemental program to accelerate an athlete's soccer/futsal development. The athletes will receive advanced technical training while participating/scrimmaging with players that have a higher soccer/futsal acuity.

Athlete's participating in the Play Up Program must adhere to the following:


1. Athlete must be a GARRA and/or FCFA member.


2. Athlete must attend age designated practices/games and Play UP Program. For example, a 2013 player must practice with their 2013 team and participate in Play Up Program. Athlete's with unsatisfactory attendance are not eligible.


3. Athlete must be enrolled in an age designated monthly payment subscription and Play UP Program. Athlete's with delinquent payments are not eligible.


4. Athlete must respect coaches/teammates and demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship during age designated practices/games and Play Up Program.

GARRA/FCFA reserves the right to deny/cancel athlete's eligibility if performance and/or attendance is unsatisfactory.

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